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Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV

Show your Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV customers in Google Maps


In this post we show you another little trick that will help you to know more about your customers and locate them more fast and easy. We are going to inform the longitude and latitude in the customer table of Microsoft Dynamics ™ NAV and we will use a new button to open Google Maps and place our clients. We hope you find it useful!

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Synchronize your customers from Magento

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Synchronize your customers from Magento.

One of the common problems that we often find ourselves when we have to manage an e-commerce, is the data synchronization between e-commerce and our management system.

In the following example, we will show how to synchronize the information from Magento’s customers table using a small module in PHP. In our example, our management application uses a MySQL database. We use Magento API (Version 1), to retrieve customer information stored in Magento.

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