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Magboxes Customer Synchronization is a new Magento extension (community edition) that will help you to manage your customers easily and quickly.

One of the many advantages of Magboxes Customer Synchronization is its great flexibility to synchronize customers and all their related information from your system as well as to import thereof.

With Magboxes Customer Synchronization you will can configure the type of customer (Store, Distributor, Agent, etc.) and show them in Google Maps just inform only the latitude and longitude.

All these features are supported by a high processing speed (more of 300 customers / min approx.) and the possibility to schedule and review the process results.

How does it work?

Their Main Features

Menu on Magento Admin Panel

Magboxes Customer Synchronization

Magboxes List and Customer Card

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Grid

MAGBOXES Synchronized Customer Management.

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Grid

  • Possibility to add a new record manually.
  • Option to force synchronization process cron.
  • Several mass-actions.
  • Export to CSV & XML file.

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Grid

  • Possibility to edit record and change information.

Magboxes Customers Importation Management

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Importation


MAGBOXES Customer Import Form

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Importation

  • Fields to import are defined on configuration option.
  • Possibility to download csv example file based in configuration fields selected.

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Importation

  • Possibility to edit imported record and change information before confirm importation.
  • Imported record warnings control! Duplicate Customer, etc.
  • Possibility to export CSV / XML file of imported data.
  • Imported records are submited and processed by cron process (batch mode! NOT timeout problems!)

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Easy Configuration with Multiple Possibilities

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Configuration


Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Configuration

  • Multiple synchronization possibilities.
  • Several Custom Mapping information.

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Detailed Synchronization Log

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Log


Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Log

  • Two types of log available to configure: Detailed or Summarized Log.

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Log

  • Possibility to modify log content.
  • Automatic log clearing every configured days period.

Powerful & Flexible Configuration

Magboxes Extension License Information

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - License

  • Magboxes Extension License information.

Flexible Synchronization Cron Schedule

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Cron

  • Possibility to schedule cron execution:
    • Day of week.
    • Start time permitted.
    • End time permitted.
    • Number of minutes between executions.
    • Next execution date & time (automatically calculated every execution).
  • Last cron execution information:
    • Last synchronization status.
    • Last synchronization date & time.
    • Last synchronization execution time.

Email Notification Settings & Type of Log with clearing period.

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Email Notification

  • Possibility to send a notification email after synchronization process.
  • Option to check the email configured to send.
  • Possibility of two types of log: Detailed or Summarized.
  • Schedule number of days to clear log process automatically.

General and Default Customer Synchronization Settings

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Default Settings

  • CSV File Definition:
    • CSV field delimiter.
    • CSV File folder location (possibility to create folder automatically).
    • CSV File name.
  • Two types of synchronization: All customers imported or only modified customers (checking of all fields synchronized!).
  • Possibility to send a welcome message if a new customer has been synchronized.
  • Possibility to inform default values for mandatory fields of Magento’s customer card. These values are used only when a new customer is created from CSV file and they are not included to synchronize:
    • Website by default.
    • Store by default.
    • Customer Group by default.
  • Possibility to synchronize NOT standard product fields (custom fields).
  • Possibility to synchronize customer’s shipping and billing addresses. Two options:
    • Synchronize shipping and billing address data separately (different addresses).
    • Synchronize shipping and billing address data with same information (same data in both addresses).

Standard and Custom Customer Fields Settings

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Standard and Custom Fields

  • Most important standard fields available to synchronize (other standard fields could be synchronized like custom fields):
    • Customer Status:
      • Not synchronized
      • Allways Enabled.
      • Allways disabled.
      • Custom Mapping Values (field is included on CSV file).
    • Customer Prefix.
    • Customer Firstname.
    • Customer Middlename.
    • Customer Lastname.
    • Customer Sufix.
    • Customer Date of Bird.
    • Customer Tax/VAT Number.
    • Customer Gender:
      • If this field is synchronized, it shall inform custom values for both genders: male and female.
    • Customer Password:
      • Two types of synchronization: autogenerated password or password synchronization from CSV file.
    • Customer Websites (it shall define a custom mapping).
    • Customer Stores (it shall define a custom mapping).
    • Customer Groups (it shall define a custom mapping).
  • Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Standard and Custom Fields
  • Synchronization of shipping and billing addresses. Fields available to synchronize in both types of address are the following:
    • Prefix.
    • Firstname.
    • Middlename.
    • Lastname.
    • Suffix.
    • Company.
    • Address 1.
    • Address 2.
    • City.
    • Country.
    • Region.
    • Post Code.
    • Telephone.
    • Fax.
    • Tax/Vat Number.

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Standard and Custom Fields

  • Custom fields synchronization. Possibility of synchronize up to 10 custom fields selected from customer attributes.
  • Available only user defined customer attributes or all customer attributes (standard customer fields included!).

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Standard and Custom Fields

Custom Websites Mapping

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Websites Mapping

Custom State / Region Mapping


Custom Countries Mapping

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Countries Mapping

Distribution Data and Google Maps Configuration.

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Distribution and Google Maps

Magboxes Customer Synchronization, allows manage your customers and classify them like distributors showing their information in Google Maps.

We can synchronize customers with the following distribution configuration:

  • Allways are distributors.
  • Never are distributors.
  • Custom Mapping of distribution status. This value shall be informed on configuration fields “Distributor” and “Not Distributor”.

Additionaly, we can specify type of distributor for every customer synchronized with a custom type or predefined distributor types. The predefined distributor types are the following:

  • Owner Store.
  • Authorized Dealer.
  • Salesperson / Agent.
  • Sales Manager.

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Distribution and Google Maps

The synchronized customers may be displayed in Google Maps. We have the following possibilities to do this action:

  • Show allways in map.
  • Never show in map.
  • Show in map depending of custom value. This value shall be informed in configuration fields “Show in Map” y “Not Show in Map”.

Additionally, we can synchronize other customer data displayed on Google Maps card:

  • Distributor URL Website.
  • Distibutor Contact Person.
  • Distributos Open Time.


Magboxes Customer Synchronization - Distribution and Google Maps

CSV File to Synchronize Example

Magboxes Customer Synchronization - CSV File


  • Once the fields to synchronize have been defined, a CSV example file can be retrieved to check how to prepare the necessary CSV file from your system.

Show your customers in Google Maps!

And Much More...

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